Lennart Svanberg

Web Developer, Marketer & Entrepreneur

Innovative Local Digital Marketing Solutions

A summary of myself

A nerd that gone people savvy! Yes, that is how I'd like to summarize myself. Started developing computer programs at the age of 14 and now at the age of 47 I've got a masters in people skills.


Learning code is both easy and hard. Its easy in the sense of learning to master the elements of repetitive and foreseeable usage of the code. The fun and the hard part is to code so that a program can do much more than its original intentions.


I'm currently in Udacity's full web stack program as well as Codecademy for Javascript & Jquery. and I've just passed OneMonth's Ruby on Rails class (links to my app).



Marketing Web Developer at IBSFri AB

As of November 2015


Redoing a Wordpress website, helping to define the IT-strategy as well as supporting daily web activitives.


Web Developer at IBIS Software AB

As of September 2015


I'm helping IBIS Software to create a new Wordpress website as well as network in order to generate new consultants and leads. Its also a platform for my code learning activities.


Innovation consultant at IIH Nordic A/S

September 2014 - August 2015


Developed website as well as innovative marketing techniques for the Nordic market.


Partner at Leadsius AB Marketing Automation

November 2011 - February 2014


Leadsius is an Automated Marketing platform that I was part of developing, selling and marketing. As a Partner in the company I did everything from supporting hundreds of customers, creating websites with guide's & tutorials as well as networking with thousands of our users through newsletters, podcasts and Google Hangouts.


The only thing I didn't do was to "code the application" and in hindsight that was probably the skills that was needed the most for the company to "lift off".


Even though I managed to sell licenses of the software for close to a million SEK I decided that the company was not right for me in the long run. I left the company and managed to sell my partnerships.


Director for Sweden - Snooby Oy/Fonecta Oy

May 2010 - October 2011


During an extremely intense period I ran the successful Finnish Web Analytical company Snoobi's operation in Sweden. The gameplan was to quickly sell a number of licenses in Sweden to show off Snoobi's potential in order to sell the company.


We quickly hired people in order to scale, at the peak we we're 6 people working for the Swedish office that was marketing & selling the software. We created partnerships with a number of resellers like Episerver to Avantime and participated in tradeshows.


The result was close to a 100 sold licenses with many more in the pipeline which was a part in the successful sell of Snoobi to Fonecta which made several people in Snoobi very rich.


Conference Producer - Internet Marketing Conference - my own company

December 1999-December 2010


For more than a decade I produced 30 international conferences in Europe and North America that gathered over 4,000 people from every corner of the world.


It was the time when the World Wide Web was shaped and EVERYTHING was possible. We teached everything from Search Engine Optimization to Web Analytics to Social Networking in our very enthusiastical conferences.


I was "the man" that started it all and did everything from websites to conference planning to sponsorships sales. And more than anything else it was about Marketing, Marketing and more Marketing.


I had the first place in Google and other Search Engines for "Internet Marketing Conferences" for 10 years.


I've yet to summarize every skill needed during this period; Photoshop development, Drupal development and E-Commerce development was a few of the skills needed. But the most important skill of all was endurance.


The dream became fulfilled when my competitor Rising Media Inc bought the right to produce IMC events and I left the business.


WebMaster - BTS Group AB

February 1998 - April 2002


At a time when the World Wide Web was in its infancy I got told by my boss at BTS; could you do something with our website? The website at the time was of course very limited, it had a bad website address and the task has got me going ever since.


It turned out that I was sitting on the most important marketing channel of all for this fast growing company. The main accomplishments during my 4 years as employee and consultant for BTS was:

  1. To increase the number of daily visitors from about 80 into over 500
  2. Make it number one in all Search Engines for their key terms Business Simulation and Business Acumen
  3. Learning everything from ASP.Net to Javascript to HTML and CSS
  4. Acquire the domain BTS.Com


It was these years that gave me the foundation to build my successful conference business.







Bachelor Degree in Economics at Lund University


Computer Science education at Aranäsgymnasiet